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Solutions for a Billing Service

Medical billing services have unique requirements to provide the maximum value for their clients including:

  • Accessibility - your clients need access to your system for scheduling, reporting and more.
  • Connectivity - clients with EHR systems need integration with your financial management system.
  • Access Control - you need fine-grained control of the actions, objects, and practices each client user can access.
  • Advanced Reporting - clients demand accurate, detailed, and even customized reports for their practice.
  • Customization - each practice needs a billing system that fits their practice type and workflow.
  • KPI - key performance indicators help you and your clients monitor activities and status of the practice.
  • Efficiency - your operation needs automation and smoothly integrated processes to maximize productivity.

Medly Enterprise addresses these issues and more:

  • In addition to local workstations in your office your staff or the clients staff can run Medly through Remote Desktop or a web browser* from a PC, laptop, Mac, or tablet running Windows, Android, or iOS and a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or other browser that supports CSS3.
  • Medly Enterprise connects seamlessly with an EHR running on your system, or with Medly Messaging you can connect to an EHR running in the clients office or in the cloud. The EHR connection is fully bi-directional, sending demographics and scheduling to the EHR and receiving charge details from the EHR**.
  • The role-based security in Medly provides fine-grained control over what each user can see and do in the system, including the ability to restrict which practices are visible to each user.
  • Medly includes an advanced report designer in addition to the built-in reports. You can create new reports or modify any existing report, and all reports can be exported in a variety of formats such as spreadsheets, PDF files and much more.
  • Each practice or user account can have their own customized layouts for any screen in the system, as well as customized filters, medical policies, and validation rules. You can easily make Medly fit the uniques needs of each and every client.
  • Key performance indicators provide a snapshot view of any metric you or the client needs to monitor. They include drill-down capability to see the details behind the numbers, and the ability to create a variety of charts and graphs from the information.
  • Almost any process can be automated in Medly including sending electronic claims and downloading reports. The task management system will kepp your staff and the clients organized and ensure that "to-do lists" really get done.

 *Requires an IIS (Windows) web server

**Subject to the limitations of the EHR

Medly Solutions provides advanced medical practice financial software systems to streamline your workflow and ensure you are paid quickly and correctly for your services, allowing you to focus on patient care.

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